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Winnipeg-based Knuckleduster plays gritty rock and roll.


Knuckleduster is and always has been this original lineup:

Darren - Guitar/vocals

Bjorn - Guitar/vocals

Troy - Bass guitar

Paul - Drums


We've been around for a while - and we're still here!


Formed in 1997, Knuckleduster was the product of two Winnipeg indie bands who played Winnipeg's original music scene while separately enjoying some regional notoriety in the early ‘90s. Since then, the collective of four musicians has drawn on their individual pasts and distinct influences to earn new fans by, well, being Knuckleduster. 


Over the years, Knuckleduster has produced three full-length, independently released albums, one EP, appeared on two nationally distributed compilation albums, released an 8-track cassette EP (yup, you read that correctly), successfully aired a video on MuchMusic (when that was considered a feat), and embarked on regional tours that has included stops in Edmonton, Regina, Thompson, Sudbury, Hamilton, Toronto and parts in between. 


Following a longer-than-ideal hiatus, Knuckleduster triumphantly ‘reunited’ in 2018, rehearsing for their 20-year reunion/anniversary show billed as the ‘20th Year Reuniversary’ at The Park Theatre in Winnipeg, Canada on May 26th, 2018. That very night, Knuckleduster  released 'Reprise', their newest EP-length offering that stays true to the band’s sonic evolution and is available on the most popular streaming and download sites (be sure to check out their back-catalogue while you're there too). 


Knuckleduster doesn't play live shows often these days, but they're not done yet either. Keep an eye out for new show announcements on their social media platforms in 2020. Knuckleduster is also rumoured to be writing new material and rehearsing some of the unreleased stuff  (in a rumour they're starting...'cause, it's true). There's at least another EP in the works. Good times ahead! 


REPRISE (May 26, 2018)

REPRISE is the newest release from Knuckleduster highlighting five songs in an EP format. The songs were selected from over a dozen that were initially recorded for what was intended to be full-length album number four.  Why so long between releases? Life. No matter, the material is finally here and the band could not be more excited to finally release new songs. The timing could also not be more appropriate. Spring 2018 marked the 20th year since the band debuted live. And not content to release some thrown together, thanks-for-comin'-out, Knuckleduster brings out the big guns. Winnipeg musician, powerhouse FOH mixer, recording engineer/mixer, and personal friend of the band, Mike Wagner, mixed the album beautifully. And the band takes it one step further by getting the project mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge, NYC, assisted by Chris Allgood who take it to the next level with precision and depth! REPRISE was officially released at The Park Theatre in Winnipeg, Canada on May 26, 2018. The album is available on all major streaming and download sites. 



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